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Midnight RunnersNowhere Man and a Whiskey GirlTrust Me
The King's LettersRise: The Artist WithinCreature ComfortsMetzgerDiscretion

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with my Popflick membership?

Your membership includes access to our entire library of movies and TV Shows. The small monthly fee allows us to deliver content free of commercials.

Are these movies and TV shows legally here?

100%. We work with multiple distributors and filmmakers to make this happen. We respect the integrity and rights of all creators involved.

Is this really Free?

Not all content is free. You can watch up to 5 movies every month from the free library of movies and TV shows. For any Premium content, you will need to upgrade to our Premium Plan.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Canceling your subscription is easy. Go to ‘My Account,’ then ‘Subscription,’ and click the ‘Cancel Subscription’ button. We are sorry to see you go! Come back soon.

Which devices work with Popflick?

You can watch our content at popflick.com or with our app on your iOS, Apple TV, or Android devices. Look for the Popflick app in the App Store and Google Play Store. Install it, and enjoy indie movies and TV shows.

Why in the world would I want another streaming TV subscription?

Well, if you made it this far reading this FAQ, you should know that our platform will help you discover unique stories. We carefully curate our content. We empower filmmakers by helping reach an audience while they retain control of their creations.