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The Lonely Orbit

A satellite technician suffers solitude and mindlessly commits a mistake with dire consequences in outer space.


Group 894
Primanima World Festival of First Animation
Student Jury Award
Group 879
Primanima World Festival of First Animation
Primary Grand Prize




Benjamin Morard
Frederic Siegel


From the animation collective Team Tumult, based in Switzerland, comes “The Lonely Orbit.” This beautiful short explores loneliness in the ultra-connected area and what happens when artificial intelligence develops feelings as intense as those experienced by human beings. A young Earth-bound satellite operator commits an oblivious mistake, pushing a machine into the uncharted territory of yearning. Directors Benjamin Morard and Frederic Siegel work on a studiously limited modernist palette: blue, orange and white, conveying space-age aesthetics and deep empathy. 

"The Lonely Orbit" is the winner of the Student Jury Award at the 2019 Primanima World Festival of First Animation.